Snow Removal Policy

It is the intent of the Marshall County Highway Department to provide safe and reasonable winter driving conditions on County Highways for the general public. Snow removal operations may begin at 4:00 am and if conditions exist end at 8:00 pm.  It is the intent of the snow policy to have one pass on every route completed by 7:00 am.  It is not our policy to secure a “bare pavement” on the roads.  Our first priority is to plow and apply deicing materials to the hills, curves, stop signs and priority areas.  There may exist conditions that require the temporary suspension of snow removal operations for the safety of both the department employee and general public.  Such conditions include sustained high winds with blowing snow limiting visibility or a prolonged ice storm.  Work will resume when conditions subside to allow for the safe removal of snow and ice.  Complete removal of snow and ice may not be possible until weather and temperature conditions improve.  It is the intent of the Marshall County Highway Department to maintain the county highway system efficiently and economically.  Residents are encouraged to limit travel during adverse conditions, exercise patience and allow us to work on the roads before attempting travel.  Motorist should use extreme caution when driving in inclement weather.


Sign Management and Maintenance Policy

Marshall County Highway Department will strive to provide a safe road system for the traveling public by conducting inspections throughout the year, maintaining and repairing when necessary. Replacement of signs will be based on the level of damage or the age of the sign as determined by the highway department.  All signs have met the requirements of retro-reflectivity standards of the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices.


Mowing of Highway Right of Way Policy

It is the policy of the Marshall County Highway Department to mow the shoulder and fore-slope on county highways for safety reasons and to promote positive drainage. Without this activity, the shoulder drop off and guardrails would be invisible to the traveling public.  Mowing for visibility of signs and at the intersections is priority.  Mowing is limited during the early part of the year, where possible, to encourage monarch butterflies and honey bees.  Some sections are mowed full-width in order to keep problem brush areas in check or to alleviate sight-distance situation.


Driveway and Culvert Installation Policy

The applicant must complete an application and provide location of culvert and agree to terms of the agreement. The site will be inspected by the Marshall County Highway Department for approval or disapproval of said entrance.  The entrance will be installed by the county and the landowner will be invoiced for materials.


Mail Box Policy

Installation and maintenance of the mail box and supporting structure is the responsibility of the postal patron. Requirements for the placement of the mailbox may be obtained at your local post office and www.usps.com. Placement of any other items within the public right-of-way is not allowed, unless a permit is obtained from the County or Township. Any items or structures that are determined unsafe will be removed by the landowner after receiving a ten day notice. The County or Township may remove the items after ten days if required and may invoice the landowner.

Sometimes mail boxes are accidentally damaged or knocked down by highway employees during maintenance operations such as snowplowing. If this occurs you are responsible for repairing the mailbox. You may be eligible for reimbursement for actual costs up to a maximum of $50 under the following conditions:

  • The mailbox is located on a County Highway.
  • You must notify the Highway Department as soon as possible during business hours.
  • We will conduct an investigation to determine if our actions caused the damage.
  • You must mail or drop off paid receipts for the materials for which you are claiming for reimbursement.


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