Assumed Name “DBA”

The procedure for filing a certificate of Assumed Business Name is as follows:

Fill out the above form which requests: the type of business to be conducted, business name, business address (Not a P.O. Box, must be a physical location) and the names and home addresses of the persons doing business. The persons doing business must sign (not print) their names in the middle of the form, above the section to be filled out by a notary. These signatures must be notarized.

Return the form to the Clerk’s Office.

The Fee for filing is $25.00. The publication fees with newspapers vary.

The Clerk’s Office will issue you a notice for you to take to any newspaper in Marshall County which has a legal notice section. The notice must be published one a week for three consecutive weeks. The first publication must appear within 15 days from the date the certificate is filed.

After our office is in receipt of the original certificate of publication from the respective newspaper, we will send you a copy along with a Certificate of Ownership of Business.

Certification of Registration will be considered VOID if the publication is not paid for and the certificate is not returned to the County Clerk’s Office within 50 days.

Currently, if you have a corporate, incorporated or limited business, you must file at the Office of the Secretary of State in Springfield, Illinois.