Weight Limits

Seasonal Weight Limits Lifted for 2021 on April 5th for County Roads.  Call Road Commissioner for Township Road Postings.

All county roads, except marked Class III Truck Routes have a 72,000 pound weight limit for 5 axles.  Between February 1 and May 1 of each year, the weight limits are 70% of the normal weight limits.

Class III Truck Routes have an 80,000 pound limit for 5 axles and no seasonal restrictions.  They are:

  • N. Valley Road, CH 15, West of IL Rt 40 to Stark County
  • Tax School Road CH 12, Between IL Rt 26 and IL Rt. 89
  • Toluca Road CH 4, Between IL Rt 251 and Toluca
  • Yankee Lane, Between IL Rt. 17 and Peoria County

Any load in excess of the limits must obtain a permit from the County Highway Department:

Please visit the Oxcart Permit Systems web site to complete and submit an Overweight/Oversized Permit Application: